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PostSubject: PANAHON NA…..   Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:47 pm

bounce Manindigan Para Sa Katotohanan
at Samasamang Pagkilos para sa Pagbabago
August 22, 2008 / Roxas Blvd., Manila

Event Concept, Plan and Sequence Breakdown

Vision, Mission, Goal
• To make the Philippine the most truthful place on earth through the arts, one street at a time, from this day forward . . .

• Involve at least fifty thousand women, men, youth, children, their families and communities to participate in the World’s Largest Chorus denouncing untruths in Philippine society and pledging for the restoration of integrity and dignity of the Filipino.
• Gather the leading personalities from people’s organization, cause oriented groups, socio-civic organizations, religious organizations, youth organizations and other sectors to expose the truth and restore integrity.
• Become the event that will be the major story of leading national and international newspapers and television programs.

• Implement a high profile and massive cultural event that will attract the broadest spectrum of Philippine society including people’s organizations and their constituents, leaders, the media and unorganized forces who advocate for truth and integrity.

Program Description
• Thousands gather at a major street location to expose untruths and pledge for the restoration of Integrity and Honesty. The core expressions shall be through song, dance, painting, drumming, parades, audience participation and other artistic activities. Exposes from witnesses, speeches from mass leaders and testimonies from the common “tao” support the creative expressions.
• Cultural performances take place on a Main Stage and several Satellite Stages situated strategically on the street venue. Highlights include a parade-procession, an Interfaith Prayer Service, and the Countdown leading to the Recitation of Litany of Untruths and and the Pledge to Restore Integrity and Dignity by the thousands gathered.
• Merchandising booths, food and beverage booths, information and experience booths link the satellite stages.
• The event is envisioned as a multi-sectoral festival involving all Filipino citizens concerned with fighting corruption and restoring the dignity of the Filipino.
• Starting Points: various points in Metro Manila
• Convergence Point: Liwasang Raha Sulayman, Roxas Boulevard
• Festival Venue: The stretch of Roxas Boulevard between Pedro Gil Street and Quirino Avenue, northbound and southbound lanes
• Event Duration: 3pm till 5am

as of July 31, 2008

(Street Art)
Street murals created depicting the festival theme and messages. created by a collaboration of visual artists c/o Tutok & Pilipinas Street Plan

Madz et al and various choirs, theater groups, dance companies, individual performers and visual artists perform twenty (20) minute sets in the mural area.
strategic place/s near the main stage
3:00–11:00pm PUWESTO
Merchandise Booths, food and beverage booths, information and educational booths are scattered along the festival venue. Booths are encouraged to be highly educational and participative.
Booth space will be conceptualized and implemented by the participating organizations. There will be Urban Poor community Food and beverage booths. Sponsors booths will also be part of this.
Selected locations along the baywalk area


• Tree of Knowledge
• Graffiti Wall
• Other Game booths selected locations
(People’s Procession)
A procession integrating the drama simboliko (symbolic drama) and the sunduan. Marches, parades, processions start from various points in Metro Manila and converge at the festival location.
Event Leaders, People’s Organizations, Cause oriented groups, socio-civic organizations, youth organizations, religious organizations, unorganized forces, marching bands, percussion groups, etc. Parade contingents will come from two starting points = Pedro Gil & Quirino Ave.

Higantes (papier mache giants) welcome the parade processions once they reach Rajah Sulayman

a Marching Band or Percussion Band caps the end of the parade.

(Racing to Save Dignity)
Inspired by the Chinese legend, Dragonboat rowers race to save the scholar who decides to drown himself in protest of corruption. In this regatta, rowers race and gather round a floating “Karangalan” (Dignity) Insignia and enact a ritual of salvaging “Karangalan” from drowning in the murky waters. They bring the insignia to shore and this becomes part of the background for the Interfaith Prayer Service.
Philippine Dragonboat Association, ten (10) teams, two hundred (200) rowers
Manila Bay fronting the Baywalk

The “Karangalan” insignia is welcomed by people’s representatives and brought to the Main Stage to be installed as the background of the event.

The “Insignia” can be designed by a National Artist like Bencab or Napoleon Abueva

Kwitis (fireworks) signal the start of the dragonboat race. The boats race toward the flotilla with the “Karangalan” insignia. The winning boat heads the regatta that brings the insignia to shore

5:00-7:00pm LUGAWAN NG BAYAN Organizations set up soup kitchens to give out to selected communities and groups.
Selected locations
(Interfaith Prayer Service)
Conceived as Creative Liturgy, the Interfaith Prayer Service features a Grand chorale and dramatic readings by leading personalities from theater, television and film.
Religious organizations, many choirs, actors, Deaf Mute youth
Main Stage
(Drumbeat the Truth) Various percussion groups perform a forty (40) minute nonstop drum beating session with audiences. to ward off evil spirits and invite the ancestors to give strength and energy to the whole event.

• Lupang Hinirang MTV
• Welcome Remarks
• Rundown of Festival Events
• Edru Abraham & Kotragapi (w/ audience participation)
Percussion groups, waterdrummers, indigenous drummers, etc.
Selected locations near the main stage
8:00-9:00pm BUILD UP to countdown
• Band
• Mass Recitation
• Ipanalo MTV
• Speakers
• Phil. All Stars
(hiphop dance)
• Song-Dance Audience Participation
• Band & Speakers alternating
9:00pm-12:00am KATOTOHANAN
(Stage of Truth)
Speeches and testimonies from leaders & representatives of the multi-sectoral gathering are interspersed with cultural presentations from bands, choirs, individual performers .

The Countdown is led by artists & speakers at the Main stage and highlighted with the Massive Recitation of untruths, truths and the pledge to restore integrity involving the thousands gathered.

leaders and representatives of the multi-sectors, bands, choirs, individual performers, etc.
The pledge is crafted by National Artist/s for Literature. In the Filipino tradition of the “Salubong”, the Angel of Truth flies down to lift the veil of Ynangbayan (Mother Country) as she announces the Resurrection of Integrity and Dignity. “Hudas”, papier mache symbols of greed and corruption, doves ignites and explodes in fireworks as the “twenty pieces of silver” scatter.

• Speaker
• Band
• Joey Ayala
• Speaker
• Bayang Barrios
• Speaker
• Band
• Speaker
• Rody Vera w/ Peta Choir
• Speaker
• Band
• Noel Cabangon
• Speaker
• Grand Chorale
• Speaker
 Minute of silence
 Grand Chorale
 Mass Recitation of Untruths
 Minute of silence
 Mass Pledge for the Restoration of Integrity
 Salubong Narration
 Countdown
 Lifting of the veil
 Explosion of the Hudas
 Drumbeating Bands c/o Noel Mallonga EVERYONE counts down to 12 midnight

(Band Concerts till Dawn)
Bands wind down the event at the main stage

Bands c/o:
• RockEd
• Brave New Movements
• Mavi’s contacts Main Stage


“Indie video” of the Event
Indie filmmakers will be encouraged to make their own documentaries of the event taking on unique perspectives and point of views. Curated by film director Carlitos Siguon- Reyna with leading indie filmmakers. The documentaries will be featured in a special launch and screening weeks after the event.
filmmakers Mechanics:
Leading mainstream directors & “indie” filmmakers create 10 minute documentaries of the event “en situ” (onsite). The final edited works are collated into a DVD collection that shall be launched a few weeks after the event. The launch can happen in the next “Truthfest” location or can be an event by itself.

Film director Carlitos Siguon-Reyna curates the Indie Docu

Suggested Program Emcees:
(alternating per time slot)

Pair # 1 - Mae Paner & Gary Lim
Pair # 2 – Ricky Davao & Jacqui Lou Blanco
Pair # 3 – Panjee & Jarvee Keh
Pair # 4 – John Arcilla & Susan Tagle
Pair # 5 – Fr. Bert Alejo & a sister (nun) bounce Smile
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