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 Nicole's recantation serves US and Arroyo government most

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PostSubject: Nicole's recantation serves US and Arroyo government most   Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:56 am

Nicole's recantation serves US and Arroyo government most - Gabriela

The recantation of Subic rape victim Nicole serves mostly the interests of the United States and the Philippine government in their bid to spare the Visiting Forces Agreement from the growing people's clamor for the agreement's abrogation.

Nicole is not the first and will not be the last rape victim to recant. As a women's alliance that for 25 years has worked with women victims of violence, we have faced many such situations. The battle for justice, especially in a society as unjust as the Philippines, is never easy. This rings more true when the enemy is not a mere criminal but a symbol of US dominance over the Filipinos and the accomplice to the crime is a Philippine government most servile to the whims of its master.

The Arroyo government can lie through its teeth and deny with all its might its hand in Nicole's recantation but its track record only proves otherwise. From the day the Subic rape became public, the Arroyo government has utilized all legal and political means to protect and absolve Smith. That the Arroyo government debauched justice by surreptitiously transferring Smith to the US Embassy after Smith's conviction is enough proof of where the government stands on the Subic rape case. Currently, the Arroyo government, through its spokespersons, cannot even hide its apparent glee at having served its US master well.

The victim has always been not just Nicole but the Filipino people. The enemy has always been beyond L/Cpl. Daniel Smith but the United States government and its military. The accomplice has always been more than the three other US soldiers but the puppet Arroyo regime. The fight has always been more than justice for the crime of rape but justice for a people long-subjugated by the imperialist US.

The struggle for justice in the Subic rape case has never been just a single Filipino woman's battle for her dignity. It had, and shall always be, the battle of a people united to reclaim our national dignity.

The fight will continue. The Filipino women and the Filipino people shall maintain its stance: Justice for the Filipino people! Jail the rapist Smith! Junk VFA!

GABRIELA Philippines
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Nicole's recantation serves US and Arroyo government most
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