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 Is carbon capture and sequestration feasible?

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PostSubject: Is carbon capture and sequestration feasible?   Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:57 pm

These topics are considered to be the highly controversial subjects in energy market news. But it helps traditional energy sector to derive fossil fuels.

Many techniques are used in carbon capture and sequestration (CSS). These methods help in reducing the amount of CO2 emitted by energy related industries. It also helps in reducing the environment polluting waste products which are emitted during the production of electricity from fossil fuel plants.

The overabundance of CO2 is one of the major contributors to the global climatic change and the problems associated with it.

Until now, the release of CO2 in to the atmosphere was considered as unavoidable, as the power generation form fossil fuels like coal and natural gas is the only option to meet the energy requirements of people around the world. But nowadays power plants have started opting for methods to separate CO2, so that it is not released in to the air, thereby polluting it. The CO2 formed as a part of the process is captured and piped to underground geological arrangements for permanent sequestration.

Use of CSS will help in reducing CO2 emissions by about 80-90%, when compared to the plants without a proper CSS.

Try to find out articles about carbon capture and sequestration and know more about the processes to curb the emission of CO2.
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Is carbon capture and sequestration feasible?
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